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  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Paranoid Android ~Radiohead (on repeat ._.)
  • Reading: articles on consumerism
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If you do, then good news (sorta)!

As a result of some funky little happenings in the last few days, I suddenly have a 7th AP exam to worry about, and I'm ultra-psyched XD

The AP Studio Art teacher at my school saw some stuff I made and is offering me a portfolio none of her students are using. This way, I can get my art submitted to College Board and possibly pass AP Studio Art without ever taking the class! :D

So now I need to create 12 new pieces for the portfolio within one week that hold itself to a central theme.

So I decided to begin making a series of pieces based off of Radiohead's OK Computer, an album revolving around social isolation, globalization, consumerism, and chronic depression. The pieces will be going track-by-track through the album and my interpretations are not intended to be inspired by the artwork Stanley Donwood created for it (though similarities are inevitable, I guess).

I'll be uploading the pieces to dA as I finish them. Wish me luck! :)
GamerWorld14 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011  Student Interface Designer
Good luck, that'd be awesome to pass an AP test without the class! :D

I'm currently just taking the AP Calculus AB test... I had the AP Econ class, but I decided not to take the test for that... the same with AP Computer Science.
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